Monday, June 15, 2015

SW14: Dr. Brassy Steamington: Goofball-Genius-Goddess!

We are pleased to bring you an interview with a familiar face in the West Coast Convention scene (and soon the world!): Dr. Brassy Steamington.  She lives in the "Goldilocks Zone" of Coastal California with her Maker Partner, Aether and three egregiously spoiled cats.

How would you define/describe yourself?
Goofball-Genius-Goddess? I don't know. I do know that I am the hardest working female Maker in the business. Heck, forget that. I work harder than most of the guys too. I don't do it better than anyone, I just have gotten really good at taking my mistakes and making magic out of them. 

How did you find steampunk?
I began makering in the Steampunk style before it was called Steampunk. Way back in 1986 before most people had gotten their first whiff of the movement....I was making Steam-worthy jewelry and boots. I consider Steampunk to be an Aesthetic, a Genre and for me, a Lifestyle. I live in a Steampunk house, married to a Steampunk man with a Steampunk cat (chopped off his own tail with a marble and wood, mantle clock). 

Describe one of your creative processes.
I work two ways. One is to take a shit-load of pieces, set them atop my work table and look at them till something gels or I lose my mind (or both). The second is to see something in a book, at a Museum, or on a person and then get an idea from that. I rush home and maker something with the essence of the original, or nod to, but all Dr. Brassyfied. 

Who or what inspires you?
The whole dang Steampunk Community inspires me with it's love and support. I could not surround myself with better quality people if I tried.
Now for individual Makers....Jimmy DiResta is a huge inspiration and I better be careful as I keep mentioning him. He has a long-time girlfriend who might think I am a stalker. To that I say, it's a professional love thing, dear future Mrs. DiResta. You are completely safe.
I tend to be inspired by people who are not only talented, but who are also just great people. I'm not keen on worshipping douchebags who happen to make great steam-stuff.
Someone else I love is Michelle H. Murray from SteelHip Designs. She has also been doing Steampunk Art since Eve was a baby. I love that I can see her Art and know in a nano second that it's hers. No one does what she does with brass hearts.

What projects are you working on right now?
1,000 projects at once it seems. I just finished a power-wheelchair mod that is divine and super functional. I am also working on a Steampunk HarleyQuinn Mallot for a  friend, a horned tiara for a model-friend in Germany, 3D printed articulated Steam-Wings and about 200 other things at the same time. The nice folks *Cough-Sarcasm* from Hollywood have been scouting me for various TV Shows. So I might be doing that if they behave and treat me like a human-being. We shall see.

What advice do you have for young steampunks?
Do your own thing. Don't do someone else's thing. Find what you love and what you are good at, then make a home there. Not actually move. Make a home there with your heart. Immerse yourself in the people, the culture, the music and the community. Only then will you find true success and joy in what you do. P.S. Just because something has an eye on it, it does not make it Steampunk.

Check out more of Brassy's work at the links below:

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  1. Thank you for taking the time to speak with me. I love you!~ Keeping doing what you do. ♥