Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Holiday Joy to You! Music!

We've had to postpone the SW22 interview until next month's edition.  So in its place, we're sharing with you the gift of music for the holiday season!

The Nathaniel Johnstone Band is making their entire catalog available to download for FREE (or donation!) through the end of TODAY. (See the named link for the announcement)

Not only is there a lot of SteamWomen power behind the band (Dogwood on vocals and ukulele, Tempest on percussion and dance, and Alyssa Rosenbloom on lyrics to name a few), their songs feature a lot of introspection into women's issues, history, and twists on myths - such as an airship captained by a young woman in "Flight of the Ikarus", Cassandra gets to tell her side of the story in "Cassandra Knows", Medusa gets her say and revenge in "Stone Woman", a look into a not so innocent and helpless Little Red Ridinghood in "Red" and a celebration of the original Witch in Russian mythos in "Baba Yaga" - and that's just a few!

So go, GET SOME! It ends tonight!

And yes, our next issue will feature Dogwood and her newly released solo project - watch for it in January!